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Wednesday, August 3, 2011
The educator? The parent or the tutor?

It was a normal day, the usual and suddenly after the routine days, there's a twist to something.

Which is more difficult to be?
The educator? The parent? or the child itself?

Blame technology now a days that internet had been an easily gained access that made little ones more and more lazy and getting further and further from their books..

Whenever this is mentioned, the blame flies to the parent. Not taking care. Not spending more time just like what we used to write on our PMR or SPM essays..

Are they really to blame? Maybe they should..maybe they shouldn't be..
Blame a higher cost of living and salary that never increase along with time.
Due to this, the norm of life changed. The usual norm of life where parents comes in a pair. The female will contribute by taking care of everything at home and the male will be out there straining for food.

Thanks to "earn a living", this norm had became BOTH male and female work.

The educator on the other hand, is no easy do. Who says being an educator is merely sit and cane and bye? Who says one to one is easy when you have a problematic rascal? If you are giving up on a little rascal means you're not fit to educate a child that level.

Everyone only look up the toughness of being the parent..some, but rare will think of the educator but there still are..but what about the little one?

All I can gather is they feel they are being forced to do what they dislike to do because they are young, powerless compared to adults. They felt like they are just puppet. Stringed around. They just want to have fun. They only feel the comfort but where goes to all the difficulties that we encountered before? All the straining from simple things like walking hundred miles just to go to school? They are just with sent to doorstep. They don't know how is it bad out there.

If to blame the parent alone..maybe the educator too.maybe some don't educate well. or maybe the kid themselves. They just don't see the importance..maybe the kid needs to be constantly reminded since young. That's my conclusion.

All in all, it came back to money. Insufficient time for their child. Educators are just doing their job. Once done and that's all. The kid is easily lured by outside sources. If in that case, all had to be blamed.

Who to blame?
Blame the economy.
Blame the parent.
Blame the educator.
Blame the child.

I think

Blame the mind.

The mind that controls everything.
The parent should have a mindset to press on this since the very beginning.
The educator should try their best which I'm sure they did.
The child, well, IF the child's mind we can just tune it like tuning our computer or or radio frequency then its perfect

But it can't be..

Human psychology

Is a dangerous issue and a issue that scientist themselves will never get to create a formulae to resolve it.

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Monday, July 18, 2011
Long Lost Post

Hey there!

Sorry, I know this had been inactive for AGES..

Just got tied up..VERY tied up..

Within this few "silent" months were quite a flip for me.

New place, new seat..
New environment..
Something that I said
NO~ not doing that for a living~

BUT this is not EXACTLY like hopping around all places and all..
Its just being at one place..

Today, something weird came by..
AH, how can the mobile did not respond to my command!!
But the surprising thing is..I did not go berserk or something which what I usually do..
Hmm, I wonder what does that mean..

I've grown matured?
Not that sickening when it comes to some unexpected bad circumstances that happened before me?
Hey, its a credit to myself!
Maybe some of you might think that its lame..
But but but..to me it is an achievement..

There's always when things are fallen not right on our feet.
You need to achieve to get it..
There's always a scarify to everything but are you willing to do so?
How much can you give out in order to achieve what it is needed?
How much life can give you?
I do feel that 24 hours is too short..
I believe everyone feels that way too..

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.
- Ben Stein

Once decided, whatever done seems like it made life meaningful..
You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.

But have you ever wondered:

Why mankind are sentence to be stranded here, a place called EARTH?
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.
- John Lennon

Don't doubt on it..
Just move on..
Do something that makes you feel..useful..

Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time

Great day ahead to all of you..

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
A change

I'm a few more days nearer to changes in life
How things were before..but added a little twist to it..
A twist that able or might not be able to change my whole world around..

Looking back, its already been half of 2011 had passed..
what had I done?
Seems a lot previously but looking back, all I can say was,
Oh, only that?

There are still loads of thing left unattended..
Like the novel that I purchased during a sale..with the mindset that I want to read it..
I really do want to but time and priorities does not permit me to do so..

What are your priorities?
Why sweat over a few pieces of printed paper that has values to it according to its colour?
The life doesn't seem inviting, its true.
I do admit it myself..
I can't even just read a simple book that I once able to finish it in a day..
Or holding the pan or kneading dough that I wanted to do so for breakfast..
Looks like 24 hours are NEVER enough..


One has to be strong..
Know the reason for you to do so..
When you hesitate, you should remind yourself the MAIN purpose of pushing self to have those valued coloured papers in your hands..
Know that you need it more than others who are more well off than you..more healthy than you and less responsibility than you do..

Other people's life seems to be more interesting and you spat at yours..
Life for everyone is different..
Maybe the joyful of it but what has been installed for the future?

Are you really not having fun?
Then think about the few hours of you Facebooking, chatting with friends, naughty deeds with your spouses, laughing head of with siblings or friends, simple activities done with loved ones be it gardening or cooking..

People usually relate the valued coloured paper to joy..not really..the coloured paper is just to allow you to be able to survive when tomes are tough that you can't help yourself (well, at a certain level you NEED a professional to cure your illness or you can't expect a stranger to have the urge to pay for your kid's education)

Those fun mentioned above happened but you've forgotten THOSE joy you had..
Simply because they are too normal as in like they are just a norm..
Is it REALLY a norm??
Look deeper..think harder..

I daresay:
NO, it isn't a NORM

It is something special that it happened so fast to give you a hint to work extra harder so the future will have more relaxing and joyful times as things will become more joyful when conditions are more stable..

Don't loose your focus..
Don't frown on carrying out your responsibility to become a human, a sibling, a child, a parent...mainly YOURSELF

Those might be very rare to happen but it DID happened..so strive and more of those wonderful fun priceless activities will grow soon when things are more stable at hands

I'm frowning
I'm telling myself not to loose focus..
You should not be too..

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011
[no title]

There's always crappy issues that makes life imperfect..
Always a pro comes with a con
That's when we called "God is great"

Its just like a kid, can't even read or write or spell a single word even though the kid is 13 years old..not because the kid did not study its just that they are slow in thinking BUT when it comes to arts and craft, mind you the kid can bring out a cow that looks so real!

WHich will you choose when its time for you too choose?
Are you a risk taker?
Are you willing to take the unsure?
Yes, everyone dies..maybe unexpectedly.
A healthy person doesn't mean that will live till 80 years old with you..might die the very next minute because malang tak berbau
BUt if that someone is KNOWN to be a higher chances to go off..that's a different issue already, isn't it?

The road that leads to our life is what we chose..which will you rather have?
There 's a lot that I had heard.
As a conclusion, I'm confused.

Why that had to happen that made me think twice?
Why I had to think twice?
Why other party had to appear?
Why other party had some issues that is so massive?
Why the now only realized it?
Why I had to know the other party?

I want things to be mended, I think it can..but
The other had exist in it,
And the other has issues that
I sincerely don't mind BUT very afraid about it..

但是如果是another side, 我怕就是不好听的话是等死巴了。。

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011
humans need companion

Hey you, yes YOU!
The one sitting over there, staring at the monitor screen!

Are you a person who WAS and student and now a worker?
Are you a person who WAS a student and STILL a student but soon to be a worker?

Either way, its the same..
Both needs a companion..

After few months on the havoc that slapped me,
Here I am, morning, the computer, evening, a tiger to kids that roars around..yet, they just turned a deaf ear on you..

AH~ kids now a days..

When back home, its back to silence, four walls and then it loops again

Why another house seems to favour you more when compared to yours?
Why another country seems to favour you more when compared to yours?
Because we seen the dark side of that issue we have everyday and not the other side

Home is still the best place for me..regardless how small it seems and all
But home is a dead place for me..its like, its empty at all times when people are needed..
When there's too many people in the house, we tend to complain because its noisy or disturbing, no me time..
But when the whole house is dead quiet, you complain it boring..

This struck my mind that resembles that people needs companion by the ever popular and outstanding 王力宏 - 需要人陪

When they are there, we complain this and that because there's too much of their existence..
BUT when they tend to go off then you realized that all along, the noise and musics at home without them, it will not be melodious..
That is the nature of a human, you'll never realized how much that person is towards you until they changed or until the day you lost them..
Be it a very minor role they play in your life, but without them, the music or melody that you heard is different..
Don't you think so?

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011
MOney Money Money

Its been awhile since I've last blogged.
Even the blogspot took awhile to load when I hit the new post button..

There's so many uncertainties in me these few MIA weeks..
All happened so sudden, in just a blink of an eye..

It made me think,
Why we need money?
Why we need to study?

The prehistoric freaks thinks that they had done us a favour by creating money..
To able to abolish all kaput arises from barter trading


Isn't it the SAME with money?
You ALSO trade money with something BUT not in the form of things but in the form of currency

ya ya ya..
The value and all can be calculated and all the crap..the size of the stuffs and all..

Yea, money IS good..and know what? Money even have PLUS you more other than that "benefit"

Money gave us the extra to
1) have more robbery by more tragic incidences of robbery and all that involves life..
2) have more arrogant people in the world that kick and spit on people with lesser M factor
3) more DESPERATE people to earn like hell in order to keep up with the world that all things in the world are increasing also demands from loved ones
4) more aggressive people who go all out just to get money for survival purposes also for boasting purposes

I'm not saying that all these DID NOT happen during those prehistoric times but it has been worsen when money had been introduced to the world, isn't it?

All deeds by human leads to money..
We work for money..
We study to get a job that PAYS better..also leads to money..
What else human does in life besides,
The very minute second you we out from mother's womb,
You're TRAINED to eat, crawl, control defecation, show expression --> learn
Soon, walk, talk, act, behave --> learn
then, study!!! study!!!! As!!! 78/100 is a B, 2 more marks to A, the more music you HAVE to listen because just a little more to an A that makes it nice on the report card --> learn

Learn since the very moment we are out..learn to behave to get good behaviour so that people of course prefer to employ those with good attitude --> because of job

Study, also learn and for a good result..best student, first class degree, master student, a doctor designation --> because of a better pay job and fame, for some

Other than study, work..have you ever wondered what ELSE human does?
Oh yes, there is..get a partner, get married

Ah, some thinks that marriage hinders them from EARNING ( money again) so they do not marry..
Money is something that cannot be neglected now
Even some says no money, cannot get married..
True indeed as you need money to bring up a child even you think that you can skimp on yourself but you can't skimp on your kids..
Education is getting more and more costly and same goes to the kids where now at the age of 5, a mobile phone is a MUST if not being left off by their peeps and they will start HATING you, as his/her parent to be the core of he/she can't get a friend due to this..

All leads to job which leads back all together to MONEY

Therefore, money is the root of all evil

Our life only revolves around money..
That's the purpose of life

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
oops..when you turned 24

A blog roll that I always kept track on, the authour decided to get married soon..

Looking at her preparation for her big day triggered me to unintentionally added ideas to my own future one.. =P

I only had a mindset that I would like to have it NOT the usual fancy ballroom hotels or fully air-conditioned restaurants..

If I am able to, I would like to have it in a garden..
Doesn't that look more appropriate than the usual

Eh, my dishes during my wedding was better THAN yours

My deco are better than yours

Oh, what a CHEAP dessert served


I've heard all the crappy wedding jest
All the stupid issues of who is better and who isn't..
Hello, facts please..its a wedding or a competition?
Apart from that, all in all comes into MONEY issues..
I've heard all the issues of needing loads of the Vitamin M to be forked out for the ceremony..

I wonder why it can't just be a simple do?
Honestly, its not the price that triggers me but I think its the RIDICULOUS amount that people tend to squeeze out from you to the maximum as occasions like this happens only once in a lifetime

A garden themed ceremony..is in not those that garden themed BUT in restaurant okie!
A REAL garden themed area =)
With nature to naturally lift up the environment for the ceremony without the effort to TRY to buy flowers just to make the four walls looked like in a garden but still looking artificial (Hey, you can't create the ditch or little soft mud on carpets..if it where able to..ahem, Vitamin M..remember that)

**But I hope it doesn't go too pricey =(

Next, a simple bouquet

The pictures here that I would like to focus on is the way they wrapped up the bouquet..
I love it!! and it can be DIY =)
Who says you NEED a high cost wedding bouquet just because of that stupid white holder? or, in my case, at least *wink*

Also, all the deco like the center piece for each dining table
Hmm, I have MY own ideas to it =)
Not sharing!
A) I kedekut ilmu..i mean wedding its like still a long way to me so mana tau someone STOLE mine =P
B) Mana tau when the time comes I try to apply it then tak jadi, tak lawa =(

Oh oh oh!!
Not to forget door gifts!!!
Aha, I am also NOT sharing..same reason but only point B applies here

The dresses, the shoes, the jeweleries, the ornament to deco the bride, itu later of course..

the RING

I sure rings with a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE diamond or shimmering stone at the top of it like the above is such an eye opener to the bride and also those around..
So shiny that one needs a sunglasses on to avoid the shine killing the eye due to the humongous size of it that able to reflect light but
Anyone who gives me that, I think I'll take it to the jewelery shop and tell them to smash it up to make VARIOUS items like 10 pairs if earrings or so..
Please!!! its HIDEOUS to me!
Can't it be HUMBLE?!
I mean something simple..

Just tiny ones or none is also okie to me..

That's all that I could think of as I read the blog roll of the lovely couple are tying a knot..
Congratulations to the couple..although I don't know them =P

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