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Wednesday, August 3, 2011
The educator? The parent or the tutor?

It was a normal day, the usual and suddenly after the routine days, there's a twist to something.

Which is more difficult to be?
The educator? The parent? or the child itself?

Blame technology now a days that internet had been an easily gained access that made little ones more and more lazy and getting further and further from their books..

Whenever this is mentioned, the blame flies to the parent. Not taking care. Not spending more time just like what we used to write on our PMR or SPM essays..

Are they really to blame? Maybe they should..maybe they shouldn't be..
Blame a higher cost of living and salary that never increase along with time.
Due to this, the norm of life changed. The usual norm of life where parents comes in a pair. The female will contribute by taking care of everything at home and the male will be out there straining for food.

Thanks to "earn a living", this norm had became BOTH male and female work.

The educator on the other hand, is no easy do. Who says being an educator is merely sit and cane and bye? Who says one to one is easy when you have a problematic rascal? If you are giving up on a little rascal means you're not fit to educate a child that level.

Everyone only look up the toughness of being the parent..some, but rare will think of the educator but there still are..but what about the little one?

All I can gather is they feel they are being forced to do what they dislike to do because they are young, powerless compared to adults. They felt like they are just puppet. Stringed around. They just want to have fun. They only feel the comfort but where goes to all the difficulties that we encountered before? All the straining from simple things like walking hundred miles just to go to school? They are just with sent to doorstep. They don't know how is it bad out there.

If to blame the parent alone..maybe the educator too.maybe some don't educate well. or maybe the kid themselves. They just don't see the importance..maybe the kid needs to be constantly reminded since young. That's my conclusion.

All in all, it came back to money. Insufficient time for their child. Educators are just doing their job. Once done and that's all. The kid is easily lured by outside sources. If in that case, all had to be blamed.

Who to blame?
Blame the economy.
Blame the parent.
Blame the educator.
Blame the child.

I think

Blame the mind.

The mind that controls everything.
The parent should have a mindset to press on this since the very beginning.
The educator should try their best which I'm sure they did.
The child, well, IF the child's mind we can just tune it like tuning our computer or or radio frequency then its perfect

But it can't be..

Human psychology

Is a dangerous issue and a issue that scientist themselves will never get to create a formulae to resolve it.

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